Tandem for pilots

Angelika Hampe Tandem Paragliding Lake Garda

When & where

Malcesine/Monte Baldo
daily 9/11/13/15/17 h


ca. 15 min

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can you fly?

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220 Euro

all inclusive


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Fitness level

Training tandem paragliding for pilots at Lake Garda

Paragliding tandem flight for your individual training

You want to learn new maneuvers and look for professional guidance to carefully approach your goals? Or do you want to overcome fears from previous unfortunate experience?
We have instructors for coaching and teaching you while flying together as a pilots team.

Tobi Tandem Paragliding Pilot Garda Air Style

Instructor & Tandem Pilot

Training tandem paragliding for pilots at Lake Garda

Training tandem paragliding for pilots at Lake Garda

Tandem flight: daily at Lake Garda

See, feel, understand… as passenger you learn from your tandem pilot how to fly maneuver calmly and safely.

Your trainer explains every single move and helps you with steering. He supports you during all actions and guides you step by step to your personal success.

How it works: tandem paragliding for pilots from Monte Baldo

Come and fly the impossible with us

  • make an appointment;
  • meet and greet at the meeting point;
  • briefing for flight and manoeuvers;
  • go up with the cable car and short walk to the take-off;
  • last weather check and preparation for take-off;
  • evaluation of trainings flight in detail;
  • rehearsal of manoeuvers;
  • get airborne and enjoy flying.

Requirements: can I enjoy a tandem flight for pilots?

This is what you need to be a co-pilot

  • minimum age: 18 years;
  • weight: 45 kg – 100 kg;
  • physical and mental health;
  • pilot license, A-license, IPPI card stage 4;
  • outdoor clothing;
  • gloves;
  • helmet;
  • sunglasses.

Price: 220 Euro

All services are included

  • instruction and detailed explanation of manoeuvers
  • tandem flight with special trained instructor
  • video and analysis directly at the landing


Number of persons:
Time of day:
Cell phone:

Attention: If you are tending to seasickness, you should think about taking an antidote before flying. You can get specific pills or chewing gums at the pharmacy to prevent you from seasickness.

Category: Tandem flight

The morning flights are calm with a great clear view most of the times. Airtime is approximately 20 minutes.

In the afternoon there is more thermalling possible, but the air will not be so clear as in the mornings. Airtime can be up to 30 minutes and more.

We start our flights daily at 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 and 18 o‘clock, if weather conditions are flyable.

Category: Tandem flight

There is an underground car park at the cable car station in Malcesine directly to our meeting point. But please be aware that it can be occupied in high season afternoons.

Sorry, you can‘t. We have a special license for tandem flights that enables us to pass the queue with our passengers (we don‘t have to queue up).

People – who do not fly – better go to the landing field, where you almost can see the whole flight and welcome the one flying back on the ground.

If we face problems in the weather forecast, we will give you a call. In case it‘s really not flyable we will look for an alternative date for your flight.

Outdoor shoes, extra pullover or jacket, sunglasses.

The landing field is around 1.5 km in the north of Malcesine and easy to reach on foot in ca. 20 minutes from the cable car. There is also a parking spot between Malcesine and landing field, where you might be able to park your car.

The take-off lies on the top of Monte Baldo in ca. 1750 meter altitude.
You can use the cable car to ascent to the top station and walk approximately 10 minutes to the large area, where we start.

You will meet your pilot at our Garda Air Style meeting point at the parking spot next to the cable car “Funivia”. Please make sure to be there at least 10 minutes before starting time.

The booking is not binding and you can cancel in time without any problems. If the desired time of day is booked up, we will offer an alternative to you.

First time paragliding- so much FUN!

Jack & crew were the BEST.
This was my first time paragliding and they were so helpful! Jack is an absolute pro and you'll notice how respected a pilot he is if you're lucky enough to grab a beer with him at the LZ after a day of flying!
Brought a gopro for the flight and gave me the SD card after for reliving the fun afterwards! Thanks again! Loved it !

Best Experience of my Life

It was my first time paragliding from a mountain and i must admit I was scared to death, having fear of heights.
I literally had to do nothing and the take off with Tobi was so smooth that the moment we were in air, all my fears had eloped and what I could see right in front of me and experience from an altitude of 1800 mts was heaven.
I am glad we chose to fly with Tandem Paragliding, personally thankful to my husband who pushed me so hard to overcome my fear and to Angelica, Jack and Tobi for encouraging me and for being such amazing Pilots. We would highly recommend Tandem Paragliding to anyone who wants to experience Paradise in Malcesine.