Tandem paragliding
on Lake Garda!
It's all about freedom

fly with us

Tandem paragliding

When & where: every day on Lake Garda

Duration: ca. 30 min

Price: 190 Euro

About Garda Air Style

We all live our dream of flying and decided to make our passion to profession. With Garda Air Style we go one step further.

Here we realize our very own ideas of paragliding, training, safety and responsibility.

Training tandem paragliding for pilots at Lake Garda

Tandem for pilots

When & where: every day on Lake Garda

Duration: ca. 30 min

Price: 220 Euro

First time paragliding- so much FUN!

Jack & crew were the BEST.
This was my first time paragliding and they were so helpful! Jack is an absolute pro and you'll notice how respected a pilot he is if you're lucky enough to grab a beer with him at the LZ after a day of flying!
Brought a gopro for the flight and gave me the SD card after for reliving the fun afterwards! Thanks again! Loved it !

Best Experience of my Life

It was my first time paragliding from a mountain and i must admit I was scared to death, having fear of heights.
I literally had to do nothing and the take off with Tobi was so smooth that the moment we were in air, all my fears had eloped and what I could see right in front of me and experience from an altitude of 1800 mts was heaven.
I am glad we chose to fly with Tandem Paragliding, personally thankful to my husband who pushed me so hard to overcome my fear and to Angelica, Jack and Tobi for encouraging me and for being such amazing Pilots. We would highly recommend Tandem Paragliding to anyone who wants to experience Paradise in Malcesine.