Tandem paraglider transportation

Garda Air Style Malcesine Monte Baldo paragliding

Transportation contract

Tandem paraglider

Garda Air Style as well as the tandem pilots operating in her name undertake as air carrier to transport the passenger registered on this website in the two-seat paraglider.
The date and further details of the flight are determined by the tandem pilot.
The passenger undertakes to pay 169 € to the air carrier.
The passenger declares to be physically and mentally healthy and to be up to the requirements of the flight. Additionally, he/she asserts to fully comply with the instructions of the tandem pilot.

Transport regulations

With accepting this air ticket, the passenger concludes an air carriage contract with Garda Air Style.

It is pointed out that when flying with a paraglider, stumbling or erroneous handling especially at the start or the landing may cause accidents. We strive to reduce this risk as much as possible. Hence, the passenger must comply with the instructions of the tandem pilot at the take-off, at the landing and during the flight itself. The passenger expressly confirms his/her good physical and mental condition. In order to cover possible claims of the passenger, such as in case of an accident, the accordingly obligatory liability insurance exists.

Goods that are carried along (above all glasses, cameras, mobile phones or other valuables as well as money) must be duly fixed or stowed. Otherwise, no liability can be assumed for loss or damage during the take-off, the flight or the landing.

The intended flight route, the intended landing site and the time of the flight can be modified at any time for safety reasons or operational reasons. These Modifications do not result in any claim for compensation made by the passenger towards Garda Air Style.

We wish you a wonderful and pleasant flight!

First time paragliding- so much FUN!

Jack & crew were the BEST.
This was my first time paragliding and they were so helpful! Jack is an absolute pro and you'll notice how respected a pilot he is if you're lucky enough to grab a beer with him at the LZ after a day of flying!
Brought a gopro for the flight and gave me the SD card after for reliving the fun afterwards! Thanks again! Loved it !

Best Experience of my Life

It was my first time paragliding from a mountain and i must admit I was scared to death, having fear of heights.
I literally had to do nothing and the take off with Tobi was so smooth that the moment we were in air, all my fears had eloped and what I could see right in front of me and experience from an altitude of 1800 mts was heaven.
I am glad we chose to fly with Tandem Paragliding, personally thankful to my husband who pushed me so hard to overcome my fear and to Angelica, Jack and Tobi for encouraging me and for being such amazing Pilots. We would highly recommend Tandem Paragliding to anyone who wants to experience Paradise in Malcesine.